Tree Education: Tips and Tricks for Spring

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Tree Tips and Tricks for Spring

Spring is the perfect time for fertilizing treatments! Get them the nutrients they need before drought and stress sets in this Summer.

Now is a good time to check your conifers for mites, aphids and scale. We can spray them before they get out of control! Catch it early to use a less harsh spray that is not harmful to pollinators.

Contact us at the first signs of leaf browning or other discoloration, oozing liquid, fungal growth, branch die back, holes in the trunk or branches of your tree, sawdust like debris, and/or sooty mold growth caused by insects secreting honeydew.

Cable/Bracing & tree failure
Most of the storm and emergency tree service calls we get are from failed trees. Cabling and bracing could have prevented many of the failures that resulted in damage to a customer’s property.


If you are interested or looking for Tree Service, Plant Health Care, or have any arborist related questions, reach out to our team today!