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Plant Healthcare

At Green Valley Tree LLC we take plant healthcare very seriously. Did you know that trees are among the longest living organisms on Earth? Unfortunately, trees can prematurely die due to insect and disease.

  • Insect & disease management
    • Here is a list of insects in our area that are detrimental to tree health:
      • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)- a small, green beetle that feeds on ash trees almost exclusively. The larva feed on the part of the tree that transports nutrients leading to death within 2-3 years after infestation.
      • Gypsy Moth- before reaching their moth stage, the gypsy moth caterpillar does great damage during the early summer months to tree canopies resulting in defoliation of trees. This leads to extreme stress and possible death of trees if no action is taken.
      • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA)- a small, soft-bodied insect that feeds off the sap in young Hemlock branches. This causes trees to prematurely drop needles, dieback of branches and death of a tree in as little as one year.
      • Spotted Lantern Fly- although not in Connecticut yet, it will be soon! This fly feeds off the sap of trees, greatly reducing the tree’s ability to get nutrition. It will affect many important crops such as grapes, apples, hops and forest products. This has the potential to be as big of a threat to trees as Gypsy Moths and EAB.
    • Here is a list of diseases that that can kill your trees:
      • Bleeding Canker -a dark colored sap that oozes from the bark of a tree.
      • Armillaria Root Disease- an infection that causes root rot.
      • Anthracnose- a fungal disease that spreads rapidly during rainy seasons.
      • Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS)- a systemic, bacterial disease that can easily spread from tree to tree.
      • Verticillium Wilt- a fungal disease that causes yellowing of foliage, stunted growth and defoliation.
      • Powdery Mildew- a fungal disease that weakens trees by taking away their nutrients.
      • Oak Wilt- Although not in our area yet, it will be here soon. This is a fungus that can kill a red oak tree in as little as a few weeks.
  • Tree Fertilization
    Nutrient-rich soil is the key to healthy trees. Our licensed arborists can do a soil test to find out what nutrients your yard may be missing and then write up a comprehensive plan specific to your tree’s needs.With the use of our AIRSPADE equipment, we can thoroughly fertilize the area around your trees, ensuring that the fertilizer is being used to the fullest extent. Our AIRSPADE can also aerate the soil around your trees which decreases compaction, allowing the roots to return to the way nature intended. So if you’re looking for tree services in North Windham, then please call us at (860) 234-4041.

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