Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare

At Green Valley Tree LLC we take plant healthcare very seriously. Did you know that trees are among the longest living organisms on Earth? Yet, their lives can be cut short without proper care. At Green Valley Tree LLC, we specialize in preserving your trees and greens, ensuring longevity and health through meticulous insect & disease management.

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    Insect and Disease Management

    Stay one step ahead of pests and diseases that threaten the vitality of your plants. Our specialists are trained to identify, treat, and prevent issues that could compromise plant health.

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    Tree Fertilization

    Enhance your tree’s nutrition with our targeted fertilization programs. Proper nutrients are key to strong, vibrant trees that can withstand environmental stresses.

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    Plant Disease Prevention

    Don’t wait for sickness to strike. Our proactive approach includes regular inspections, soil analysis, and preventative treatments to keep your plants in peak condition.


    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

    A small, green beetle that feeds on ash trees almost exclusively. The larva feed on the part of the tree that transports nutrients leading to death within 2-3 years after infestation.

    Spongy (Gypsy) Moth Caterpillar

    Before reaching their moth stage, the gypsy moth caterpillar does great damage during the early summer months to tree canopies resulting in defoliation of trees. This leads to extreme stress and possible death of trees if no action is taken.

    Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA)

    A small, soft-bodied insect that feeds off the sap in young Hemlock branches. This causes trees to prematurely drop needles, dieback of branches and death of a tree in as little as one year.

    Spotted Lantern Fly

    Although they are in Connecticut yet, but they are not a problem yet! This fly feeds off the sap of trees, greatly reducing the tree’s ability to get nutrition. It will affect many important crops such as grapes, apples, hops and forest products. This has the potential to be as big of a threat to trees as Gypsy Moths and EAB.


    Bleeding Canker

    A dark colored sap that oozes from the bark of a tree.

    Armillaria Root Disease

    Armillaria root disease, or oak root fungus, is a fungal infection that decays roots and trunks.


    Anthracnose is a fungal disease that spreads rapidly during rainy seasons.

    Needle Cast

    Needle cast is a fungal disease that affects conifer trees, causing the premature shedding of needles.

    Verticillium Wilt

    A fungal disease that causes yellowing of foliage, stunted growth and defoliation.

    Powdery Mildew

    A fungal disease that weakens trees by taking away their nutrients.

    Juniper Apple Rust
    Ceder Apple Rust

    Cedar Apple Rust

    Cedar apple rust is a fungal disease that affects apple and cedar trees, causing orange spore horns on cedar and yellow-orange spots on apple leaves.


    Protect & Preserve Your Trees

    At Green Valley Tree LLC, we offer a fully comprehensive plant healthcare program aiming to diagnose potential risks, diseases, or insect management and address those issues. Our advanced plant healthcare techniques allow us to offer the most effective treatments for your trees and plants. 

    Our plant healthcare program is a proactive approach to protect and preserve your favorite trees and plants on your property. 


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    We do it all!

    We do it all! From treating insect problems, disease management, and tree fertilization, we can help keep your plants and trees healthy. We offer comprehensive plant healthcare plans to diagnose and treat any issues or potential future issues.

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    Free Estimates

    We provide FREE estimates for all our services in CT, including our plant healthcare services. Our team is available to meet at your home or property to diagnose and propose a plan to manage your plant and tree health.

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    We are Licensed, and Insured

    Each member of our team holds the requisite licensing and insurance, providing assurance that we have the skills and tools necessary to address all varieties of plant health and tree fertilization needs. Our professionals are well-versed in identifying and treating various local plant issues like insects and disease.

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    Fully Comprehensive Plans

    Our goal is to make your plants and trees as healthy as possible so they can flourish. Our plans are fully comprehensive allowing us to address all areas of concern on your plants and trees.



    We Serve Across Connecticut For Plant Healthcare

    Green Valley Tree LLC is headquartered in Chaplin, Connecticut. We provide plant healthcare services and comprehensive care plans to all of Windham County, all of New London County and all of Tolland County

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    Kristine Blake
    Kristine Blake
    July 3, 2023
    Green Valley has the best equipment for getting to out of reach places in your yard. Our maple tree was huge and although it was healthy, we had to remove it for solar panels. They have a bucket truck and a giant crane-claw that saws the tree and grabs it. It’s amazing to watch this team of professionals. They cleaned up and were a pleasure to have in our yard for the day. Excellent work and zero complaints. They even blew the sawdust off the solar panels. Thank you 🙏 🌳 💪🏼
    Syed Ali Asar
    Syed Ali Asar
    June 2, 2023
    They grinded the 3 old stumps in my backyard very nicely and very quickly. Great service and quick responses too!
    Shandra Craig
    Shandra Craig
    April 4, 2023
    Extremely happy with the services of Green Valley Tree LLC. We had two large white pines that were dangerously close to our house. Josh and his team were wonderful to work with: efficient and courteous. We will be repeat customers for any tree work.
    Brian O'Leary
    Brian O'Leary
    March 18, 2023
    Guys did an awesome job. Removed a large dieing Ash tree that was over the house. The guys cut it into firewood size rounds and put them where my wife and I wanted them. I have worked with the company in the past and they have always been great to work with.
    Cindy Wright-Jones
    Cindy Wright-Jones
    February 14, 2023
    We had Green Valley Tree come out to prune and deadwood our fruit, deciduous, and evergreen trees. They also cut down a large maple. Josh and the crew were friendly and efficient. They arrived on time, cleaned up all the trimmings, and the place looks great!
    Karen Gilbransen
    Karen Gilbransen
    February 14, 2023
    Green Valley Tree came well recommended and I can see why. I had several trees that needed some work and the experience, and the team, was very professional. I couldn’t recommend them more!
    A Zee
    A Zee
    February 8, 2023
    They were doing a job next door and I asked if they would look at a couple of trees on our property line. They gave me a (good) price and when they finished his trees, they came over and took down mine. Worked quickly, did no damage and cleaned up really well after. Very professional.
    Lisa Mandy-Rosen
    Lisa Mandy-Rosen
    January 15, 2023
    Experienced, polite, professional and quick to respond. Wonderful experience