Tree Service in Woodstock-CT

We are a family run business based in North Windham, Connecticut that was established in 2015.

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service of excellent value, and we are highly competitive in our field. Our crew is highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable. We can handle all aspects of tree service in Woodstock, including removals, trimming, pruning, cabling and bracing, planting, and treatments for pests and disease.

Are you located in Woodstock and have been searching the web for “‘tree service near me”? Green Valley Tree is here to help.

Woodstock Tree Removals

Tree Removal is just one of the tree services in Woodstock we offer.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of tree services including expert tree removal. We ensure trees are brought down safely, without damaging any of your property, and can even remove trees with zero impact to the ground.

Proper trimming and pruning can reduce costs and keep the tree healthy, and we can treat trimmed and pruned trees to help them recover from years of disease, neglect, or damage.

Tree removals can be done using a variety of methods, depending on the job. We can remove trees by crane, bucket truck, climbing, or felling. Rigging systems help us carefully remove tree segments and get them to the ground safely and gently. At Green Valley Tree, we specialize in bringing down large trees in tight spaces without causing any damage to lawns, fences, or landscaping underneath. 

Debris (logs and wood chips) can be removed from the site and disposed of. Alternatively, we can leave debris on site, cutting logs to any desired length and leaving chips behind for garden mulch or ground cover in wild areas.

Other Woodstock Tree Services


We offer a wide variety of services including: Tree felling, full tree removal, tree cutting, thinning, reduction, pruning, stump grinding, brush clearing, dismantling amongst others.

Why not take a look around our website where you will find much more information.

Please also view our gallery to see recent examples of work undertaken. You will find many examples of Green valley performing many different types of tree surgery, safe and efficiently.


Why Choose Green Valley Tree? Tree Service in Woodstock

"I couldn't believe how quickly and efficiently they removed several huge, dead oaks on my property. Josh was wonderful to work with. He was extremely caring and helpful, he showed up when expected and went above and beyond.I never thought it could be so easy and stress free. Not only was the service fantastic, their rates are surprisingly reasonable. Definitely will use them again."
Sharon Tyler

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